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Harvest Songs - #2 - My Little Seed

Here's a harvest song that's great for the younger children at Sunday School, but that the whole church family will love to sing too.

It's about a seed, and how it grows into a big strong plant, and not a weed, thanks to God's help.

It's a very 21st Century Harvest Song, though, reminding us about "the science God has made," and helping the children to see that faith isn't incompatible with facts!

There are some fun actions, and you can get MP3 files to sing along to, and sheet music in PDF format. It's also on a CD of Harvest Songs.

"Paul" Songs - #1 - Let's go!

"Go, let's go, round the Mediterranean!"

The Apostle Paul had some amazing adventures as he travelled around the Mediterranean area spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. It's a great theme for a series in Sunday School, or a holiday club, and that's where this song comes from.

Originally written as the theme song for a "Paul" Summer Club, it has four verses describing Paul's journeys - from his conversion on the road to Damascus, through prison adventures with Silas, ending up in Rome, via shipwrecks and other dangers!

Here's how it goes:

It's available as Sheet Music, MP3 downloads and on CDs from Maynard's Groovy Bible Tunes

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